• Ayla Dolan

    Ayla Dolan

    A curious girl with an insatiable wanderlust.
  • Douglas Boeler

    Douglas Boeler

    The Reaper's Garbage Man
  • Drin Raphlic

    Drin Raphlic

    Naturally tan with long and thick black and gray-streaked hair - 29 years old.
  • Abby Hart

    Abby Hart

    talented flectomancer in way over her head
  • Andrew Lovegreen

    Andrew Lovegreen

    secret general of the resistance against supernatural control
  • Cayden


    zealous conqurer of the Unseelie
  • Jeffrey Thomas

    Jeffrey Thomas

    20-something cheetah shapeshifter with a penchant for plants, cats, and 'investigation'.
  • Kevin Smith

    Kevin Smith

    courageous wannabe crime fighter
  • Mal Cross

    Mal Cross

    wizard of the white council and deparment chair of the school of magic
  • MSG Glen

    MSG Glen

    warden war veteran teaching classes
  • Rebecca Boeler

    Rebecca Boeler

    A Little Girl with a Coma
  • Tristan Malvora

    Tristan Malvora

    bored, rich, frat boy with too much time