Douglas Boeler

The Reaper's Garbage Man


Chest Deep – 8 Base Refresh, 1 Net Refresh – 30 Skill Points
Template- Emissary of Death

High Concept- The Reaper’s Garbage Man

Trouble- Sorry Ma’am, I’m on Duty

Discipline, Conviction

Lore, Stealth

Burglary, Investigation

Fists, Alertness

Supernatural Powers:

Marked by Power [-1]
Death has dibs on your soul. You’re his bitch, and no one else’s.

Wizard’s Constitution [~0]
You live longer and heal faster. So there’s no excuse to not be working.

Channeling [-2]
Specialization: Spirit
Skills Affected: Discipline, Conviction
Focus Items: The Gloves

When the time calls, Douglas can call forth the forces of cold, empty, death to defend himself.

Ritual [-2] Ectomancy(Ghosts only)
Skills Affected: Discipline, Conviction, Lore
Focus Items: The Scythe

Able to call forth, bind, and release the spirits of man once they are free from the mortal coil. As long as the eventual purpose is to collect more souls for The Reaper.

The Reapers’s Touch [-2]
(reflavoring of Kemmlerian Necromancy)
Effects: +1 Control/ Spirit Magic, +1 Complexity/ Ectomancy, Once per roll, can debt a compell to his Master

The Reaper personally channels the power of death into his emissary. This magic is not evil, or dark, or vile. It is simply cold, sad, and empty.


Background- Born to a blue-collar family, Doug was the first of his family to make it into college. Fell in love, had a kid, never finished school. After a tragic car accident, his wife and child were left comatose and on the brink of death.
Aspect- I Could Have Been Something

Rising Conflict- Desperate, Douglas turned to every possible solution to save his family. After all options were exhausted, Douglas turned to mythic lore. In a desperate fury of rituals, Douglas was able to meet with Death himself. Given the choice to save his daughter Becky or his wife Dianne, Doug choses to preserve the life of his daughter. Death keeps her sustained, yet comatose, and in return he is forced into a life of service as Death’s emissary, as well as employing him as a janitor.
Aspect- Anything for Her

The Story- “Clockin’ in, Checkin’ out”
When a night of drunken fun ends in a tragedy, Douglas must collect the wayward souls of the dead coeds. Along with his usual duties, he must fight off a soul devouring demon named Esporax and an Arch-Angel Gabriel who claims previous rights to the souls.
Aspect- Status Fuckin’ Quo

Douglas Boeler

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