Drin Raphlic

Naturally tan with long and thick black and gray-streaked hair - 29 years old.


Age: 29
Sex: Maybe later…
Profession: Art History and Graphic Design Professor

High Concept: Androgynous SwampWitch apprentice with a side of Lycanthrope please
Trouble: The Odds want to kill me; the Evens just want to watch

Phase Aspects
Background: Backwater Town…literally
Rising Conflict: Odd numbers hate me
The Story: Unfortunately cold, miserable and burned
Guest Star: Amused at student’s antics

Stunts & Powers
Pack Instincts(-1)
My pack is just me and my companion Io for now. We share a certain kind of unspoken, animal communication with one another. He’s always nearby.

Echoes of the Beast(-1)
As a Jaguar Lycanthrope I have keep sight, smell; I find it quite helpful with survival alertness

Human Form (+2)
Generally have a strong connection with powers five days out of the month, starting two days before the full moon and ending two days after.

Inhuman Strength (-2)
Able to lift more and hit harder than the average human can, due to supernatural heritage.

Inhuman Recovery (-2)
Incredible fortitude, able to exert oneself longer and heal faster than a normal human can. The catch is it doesn’t work well against hellfire

My element is water and I must say Avatar the cartoon gave me quite a few ideas I hadn’t considered before. The boxset was a gag gift, but…useful.

Superb:Alertness, Survival
Great:Conviction, Stealth
Good: Discipline, Investigation
Fair:Endurance, Might
Average:Lore, Athletics


*Background: *
I’m number Nine of nine children, split evenly between males and females. I was born with a twin who was born female and I…was not. Our fathers (all of different races) never stuck around and our mother was a few fries short of a Happy Meal so our grandmother raised us. You ever see the new movie Frog Princess and Snow White? Mix Momma Ode and the Evil Step Mother-Queen and you’ve got Grams. I was 17 when she died…when she died for me. I miss her.

The Odds weren’t happy when I survived our birth because I kept the Ordinal Even, when the power should have shifted. Although they weren’t happy then, they didn’t actively trying to kill me until mom died in labor with the stillborn number Ten. One would have thought the Evens would be interested in maintaining the status quo, but no. They’d rather watch as the Odds hunted. I guess it soured everyone towards me when Grams chose me to be her apprentice even though I can only channel only one element. Grams was one of the most well respected practitioners of the Louisiana area, even if she was classified as a “Swamp Witch”. She so hated that term. She taught me most of what I knew before I fled, and I’ve picked up quite a few new tricks since then.

*First Adventure: *
It was quite unfortunate that Mom and Ten died so close to my sister and my 17th birthday. I think I would have been safe otherwise. When it happened I had been with Grams watching the late running Swamp Tours when they came. I hadn’t suspected a thing; all I had seen was a triad of my sisters and a single brother coming with the rest watching further back watching. One would never think that fire would burn so hot surrounded by water. It was like a bad prequel to that Last Airbender movie. I still have the marks that were burned into my upper back and right arm.

Rising Conflict
Grams knew they wanted to kill me. I think she knew before they appeared because she was ready to send me away. I wasn’t much help because my conviction and discipline was below average then. Probably why I got burned during the fight; I resisted and tried to stay and help. It’s probably why I landed in the middle of nowhere, even by Midwest standards. I guess this place wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t so freaking COLD all the time.

Guest Star
I have one student in my 7:30 Archaic Art History class that amuses me more than most. Generally I don’t pay much attention that early except her grades kept changing without my input. I know she didn’t attend as many classes as her participation grade indicated. So, I stayed late a few nights with the lights off and waited. Sure enough she popped into the room, but I’m afraid my pet and friend freaked her because she disappeared as quickly as she appeared. I was quite amused. I think I’ll keep a closer eye on her.

Drin Raphlic

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